Managed Infrastructure


The purpose of this product is to allow you to outsource technical administration to us to be able to focus on your own business. This might be intresting for you because you simply have no time to take care of security, backup or softwareupdates. It might also be intresting for you if you do not want to hold or maintain expensive in-depth know-how about all kinds of technical issues that might or might not influence the server(s) you want to run.

WebspaceReselleraccountDedicated IPPrice
5 GBYES IPv4 and IPv6 9,90 EUR
10 GBYES IPv4 and IPv6 19,90 EUR
20 GBYES IPv4 and IPv6 29,90 EUR
30 GBYES IPv4 and IPv6 39,90 EUR
50 GBYES IPv4 and IPv6 49,90 EUR
100 GBYES IPv4 and IPv6 59,90 EUR

All prices including 19% VAT
Discounts apply on monthly prices for longterm contracts and prepayments.

3 months = 5% discount
6 months = 10% discount
12 months = 20% discount

Standard Features:

  • Plesk Obsidian Reseller Panel
  • unlimited Useraccounts and logins
  • use external Domains
  • incl. 20 TB Traffic / Month
  • 1x private IPv4 & 1x IPv6 IP Address
  • incl. Backupservice
    ( last 14 days )
  • incl. Securityupdates for all server services
  • incl. 24/7/365 pro active Monitoring
  • (GEO) Firewallservice
  • Location Frankfurt/Main Germany

Features explained

Noone can know it all. Here are some core features explained in short so you judge if they are a useful choice for you or not.

Plesk Obsidian Panel

Plesk is one of the leading control panels for webhosting.

It will allow you to manage all aspects of webhosting lifecycle for you and your customers.

More informations on:

( last 14 days )

We create server backups every 24 hours. 

And we keep at least the last 14 backups. So a timespan of 14 days is covered.

Within that timespan we can provide you with backups of your files or database on request.

Securityupdates & Monitoring

We will maintain server security and up to date software by the vendors.

Our 24/7/365 monitoring and technical staff will take care of service availability at all time.

This way you can focus on your business.